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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 11, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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that breaking news is in the e bay where fbi confirms bank robbery suspect was shot by officers in san rafael. >> it happened near the north gate mall just west of highway 101. we'll bring you more details as they come into our newsroom. >> we definitely want to say good morning to you, and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm terry sweeney. happening now the ntsb hearing on the asiana aircraft near sfo is entering its sixth hour. you are looking live in washington d.c. snow canceled yesterday's hearing. the ntsb combining two days worth of testimony into just one. >> nbc bay area'sn@f4ç chase ca live in burlingame where they are closely monitoring the hearing. thank you, chase.
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>> reporter: as for the hearing in washington d.c., we can tell you that language barrier has been a problem because we're talking about translating between tree different languages -- english, korean, and mandarin. that has slowed down the hearings as well as caused confusion over exactly what question is being asked. we'll give you a quick peek inside here. this is where officials have gathered, mostly to watch the proceedings via live simulcast. there were a few victims, family members, and survivors who were expected to attend, but none of them, so far, has shown[
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off line at the time of the crash because of construction, so a different pilot, the chief pilot of 777s at asiana was asked what steps the airline takes to insure the pilots have enough experience on takeoff and landings. >> all pilots of asiana have to meet the required hours. that is regulated by the korean aviation act. every six months through +ysbts which is the boeing korea partner, the pilots are receiving enough change to practice land and takeoff#di$ throughhkñ the simulator. >> we can definitely expect -- whether it's a visual disent or visual approach we would expect them to be actively monitoring air speed, flight path, and the other critical flight
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saying regardless of any automation or lack of automation that instill the expectation of any pilot to be aware and in control of the plane. we want to point out the mtsb will not be placing blame at today's hearing. this is simply about laying out the position thief gathered and gathering more testimony from ho are assembled there in washington. the final ntsb report on this crash likely won't come for at least a couple of months. as you mentioned, because of that severe weather delay yesterday in washington d.c., this hearing in washington is expected to go for at least another six hours. we are live in burlingame. we are streaming the hearing live on our website nbc bay just search asiana aircraft. we give you another live look inside the hearing happening in washington d.c. we should mention our investigative unit inside those chambers intently listening. we'll ha update on ) today's marathon session during our next newscast coming up at
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5:00 tonight. the contra costa health department has issued a smoke advisory as a precaution because of an overnight fire in concorde. as nbc bay area christie smith tells us, investigators are now looking into the cause. >> reporter: good morning to you. talk about a massive stubborn$: fire. crews have been spraying water on this one since after midnight. the roof is now gone, and they say that the building actually could collapse. i spoke with a business owner overnight, and he says that he actually got a phone call that his business was burning, came down here. this is called all phone company. some of the workers were actually out here in tears overnight. this is a 55,000 square foot building. firefighters say when they-dkq arrived, it was already burning. this is on stanwell drive here in concorde. they had to take a defensive stance. at the height of the fire, had he actually had to call the water company toc?&%.ápráq wate pressure to try and keep spraying water on it from the outside. the owner says that there was no electrical work recently,q6 so
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doesn't know why this caught fire. he says the security alarm sounded and then he2áf;ñ gotav6 call. >> we have sensors all over the building and common areas, so i usually would say, well, don't call the police until you have a second alarm because if somebody breaks in and walks in, there is a second alarm. i went back to sleep. nothing happened. about an hour later they called me and told me it was a fire. i came in, and i had never seen anything like that. >> reporter: one of the other issues here is all the smoke that's going up into the air. it's actually plastic that is burning from inside of all phone company. some of their parts. firefighters are saying that>zm sensitive people should take precautions, close your vents, that sort of thing. also, the atf is being called out here because of the size and the cost of this fire. investigators say they do know that homeless people are in the back of the building, so that's something they will be looking into, but they say it could take quite some time before they
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figure out exactly what started this fire. in2x concorde, christie smith, c bay area news. >> thank you, christie. >> 11:05. pg&e on the scene of a natural gas line fire in oakland. flames shot out of the pavement at golf links road and fontaine street yesterday morning for more than three hours. pg&e says a four inch steel gas line installed back in 1946 leaked, fueling that fire. the utilities still looking into the exact cause of the leak and what actually ignited the flames. neighbors who were evacuated from the area want answers. >> i would definitely like to know what happened here because my family could all die. >> pg&e says gas lines in the area passed leak testing in august of last year. a man shot by sheriff's deputies in the south bay have died. deputies responded to calls about a possibly suicidal man in saratoga inside an office near the corner of mcfarland and saratoga avenue. it happened about noon yesterday. the sheriff's department says
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deputies opened fire after the man hit them with a blunt object. the suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died. the deputies were treated for minor injuries and released. this morning investigators are trying to figure out if a nationally acclaimed youth golf coach accused of child molestation has more victims. 31-year-old andrew nisbit has been charged with 65 counts of child molestation. he was arrested saturday at the golf course where he was a golf pro and coach to many children. authorities say his victims were his own students. one of them just 12 years old. property records show nisbit lives on jackson avenue right next to anznw elementary school. that has neighbors very concerned. >> no, i don't want to see him again. he doesn't need to be around here. he did what they're saying, i mean, the 65 counts, that's tough to reputin. we haven't heard the evidence yet, but i'm sure they'll get into it in court. anywhere near this school or neighborhood again. >> police say the alleged molestations happened between 2009 and last we're.
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he also coached in michigan, north carolina, and alabama, and investigators are now reaching out to law enforcement in those states as well.vs next to a developing story. " on this morning !"ç richmond. police say 13-year-old and 9-year-old were last seen on maine avenue about 5:00 last night. black yoga pants and a brown tank top with skull on it, and her younger sister, heidi, was wearing pink pants and a beige jacket with a hood. police say that the chance the girls could be in san francisco because that is where they go to school. a follow-up now. a statewide amber alert over after missing teenager from washington state is found safe. authorities found 14-year-old elizabeth romero in mexico yesterday. so far the chp has not released my details on how they located the girl who disappeared from southern washington last wednesday. authorities are still looking for the suspect. her 19-year-old boyfriend edwardo flores rosalez was seen
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driving a ford escape with a roof rack, custom wheels, and temporary washington plates. thousands of people paid the respects to nelson mandela today in south africa. the body of the late anti-apartheid icon will lie in state for three days before being flown to his childhood village. nbc's lester holt has more. >> reporter: in the hot sun thousands line up this morning and to offer their personal farewells. >> pay my last respects and to all of his memory. it's very important. >> reporter: the coffin drzk in the national flag arrived earlier here at the union buildings, the same place sworn in as the first black president. >> never and never again shall it be#(1that this beautiful ear will again experience the oppression of one by another. >> reporter: his body to lie in state for three days.
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family and political dignitaries came ahead of the public to have their last moments with a man they shared with the world for so long. tears flowed freely. a sharp contrast to tuesday's exuberant memorial celebration of mandela's life. president obama's speech. >> too many of us on the n complacency or cynicism when our voices must be heard. >> reporter: resonated powerfully with the audience and the assembled world leaders. and the handshake with cuba's president, a true mandela moment. >> it's the power of nelson mandela to bring president barack obama together and raul castro together. >> reporter: his body will lie in state for three days. each day he will -- his body will be taken to a military mort wear, and they will bring it through the streets in the following morning.
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funeral went through the street. people were shouting "mandela, mandela, our father." we send it back to you now. at the same time there's a controversy brewing surrounding mandela's memorial service yesterday. especially the man doing the signing. deaf people watching were shocked by a fake>k[w sign lan interpreter on stage. they say his gestures were unintel jibl. one charity says the limit number of signs, the amount of repetition, lack of facial expressions, and huge gaps in translation meant deaf people across the world could not understand what was being said during the memorial, including when president obama was talking. this is a man who has done signing at previous high profil" events. the south african government is expected to issue a statement on that interpreter later today. a nevada family missing for days in freezing temperatures safe this morning. the couple and their four young children were discovered inside their overturned jeep yesterday in an area where cell phone reception is sparse. they went to visit a mining area
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on sunday about 20 miles from their house, but never returned home. authorities say the father was able to start a fire and heated up rocks to keep inside the car at night just to stay warm. >> i remained optimistic, but due to the weather conditions, they were drastic, and it's a miracle. it really is. >> everyone is said to be doing well given the ordeal. still to come, let the drum roll begin. we'll tell you which influential figure was just honored as "time magazine's" person of the year. twitter hit yet another high. we'll take a look at the numbers coming up in business and tech. plus, an unexpected christmas surprise. how an airline managed to make one flight unforgettable for all the right reasons. i've got a surprise for you in the weather department. it's not the haze you're going to find across the bay area. no surprise that it's a spare the air day. what you might find surprising,
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sflirjts members of congress say they reached a bipartisan deal on government spending levels, but they still have to get a pass by friday. chipping s aimed at away at the nation's $17 trillion national debt, and government shutdown. the deal does not include the extension of unemployment benefits that democrats had been hoping for, but president obama called the deal a good first step and republicans agreed. >> this agreement makes sure that we don't have a government shutdown scenario in january. >> because of this deal the budget process can now stop lurching from crisis to crisis. >> the budget will get its first test today in a meeting with a republican house leadership. legislation by tomorrow. in the meantime, congressional negotiators say they will not complete work on the new five-year farm bill until january.
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the measure is already a year behind schedule. republicans and democrats are at odds over how much money to cut from food stamps, which is part of the bill. lawmakers could extend the current law until they pass the new bill. that would help avoid the so-called dari cliff that could potentially double the price of milk to as much as dollar 8 ac gallon. pope francis beating out edward snowden and eight other finalists, which included president obama, syrian president bashir al assad, and miley cyrus, an eclectic group. "time's" managing editor said they picked)w the pope because "changed the tone,ñ? perception and focus of one of the world's largest entities in an extraordinary way." tom mcgrew says he thinks it should have been snowden, which puts him in a sort of awkward position. >> good morning. yeah, it is awkward because you don't want to say anything disrespectful about the pope. he has done all kinds of amazing things. i'm sure he is a fine fellow.
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that it is mysterious snowden didn't win. he has caused all kinds of political riffs between the u.s. and germany. the u.s. and brazil caused congressional hearings and protests in the streets. he has caused google and yahoo to team up to fight our own government. now, glen greenwald, the reporter that works with snowden, does point out only 1% of the secrets have been spilled so far, so for snowden, there's always next year. other news, twitter has skyrocketed to another high. better than $53 a share this morning. would you believe it's been just a month -- in that time the stock has doubled. yahoo mail has entered its second day of trouble. the company says people who can't access their mail on the posts we're reading say many mobile too. this is two days without e-mail. that could be really tough, but if you rely on e-mail for your
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small business, guys, it's a nightmare. >> thanks so much, scott. an airline known in canada is known for its special stunts during the holiday season, but this one may take the cake. >> a nice little story. westjet in calgary installed a virtual santa outside its gate that asked boarding passengers what would you like tore christmas? well, the wish list ranged from gadgets to new socks and underwear. they kept it within control there. well, the passengers were in flight. volunteers went shopping, and when those passengers arrived at baggage claim, they received their holiday surprise. >> izb9ñ just really felt like moment that kids must feel when you are, like, oh, my god, you íh santa is real., my god, you py51t regioe holiday stunts before. it is kind of cool. >> how fun? >> last year a christmas elf flash mob surprised passengers. i'm sure they did surprise them. >> well,a)éñ exactly. what a surprise. not just your banged up luggage coming off the chute, but a good present. want a treat when it comes to the weather? let's go to christina loren.
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>> boy, what a treat. hey, you know what, i'm going to deliver on the forecast. maybe the only time in december, terry, but it is going to happen. now, we do have temperatures out there that are running quite a bit milder than 24 hours ago. look at santa cruz at 57 degrees. likely to hit the2q+zñuñn:ux 60 today. south bay will be the warmest. 46 in san jose. you're at 49 in mountain view. 52 in san martine, and 50 degrees right now in livermore. we're running anywhere between about one to eight degrees milder at this hour than 24 hours ago. that's the great news. want to thank you for waking up with, you joining us here every day. it's always a little more comfortable with temperatures in the 50s, right? that's where we're going to end up throughout the second half of the day. oakland 58 fwreez. this is where you can really clearly se* all that haze just0 suspended in our atmosphere. it is another spare the air day, and our air quality is likely to worsen before it gets better. this is what we're looking at when it does come to your air quality.
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getting into the next couple of days, it's going to be pretty bad toted. not that great for tomorrow. in fact, even worse. then friday into saturday, we've fwot some subtle changes headed our way. an area of low pressure will ride to our north. it's not going to touch your temperatures too much, but what it will do is bru about a better round of air quality starting on friday. that's the good news. now, as we head throughout the end of the week, let's get where we're headed. to about 62 degrees on saturday. it gets even better getting into next week. temperatures on sunday and monday will end up in the upper 60s to low 70s. your seven-day forecast right here at the bottom of your screen. we'll see you in the morning on "today in the bay. back to you, terry and laura. still to come, an uptick in female archers. why some can thank hollywood for the recent popularity in the sport.
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zirchlg the u.s. air force band getting a lot of attention this holiday season. for his viral videos. came together for a flash mob at the national air and space museum in washington d.c. this viral video is more than a million hits now on youtube. far exceeding the 100,000 hits the band was hoping to get. the u.s. air force hopes to keep the momentum going. it will release 15 new videos every day. that's my favorite part. that's so angelic. they'll keep releasing those videos from now until december 25th on their facebook page. >> we can listen to it for a little while. >> i know. very angelic. >> the sport of archery appears to be growing in popularity thanks in part to the hunger games. >> the u.s. olympic training
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center in southern california says it has seen a 105% increase in the number of people signing up for entry level programs. participation among women? that's up 130%. the national team manager says the lead role in the hunger games played by actress jennifer lawrence is inspiring young women to take a shot at the sport. >>úy girls are seeing these strg female characters taking charge, and they want to come out and do the same thing. it's been awesome for our sport, and it's great for the girls who are coming out and learning and participating. >> well, lawrence was formally trained at the u4%áeát vista center. a catch of epic proportions. what an 18-poupd lobster looks like after this break.
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a lobster diver made the catch of a lifetime off the coast of southern california. >> just as he went diving monday night near the huntington beach pier, and he came back up to the surface. look at that.
11:27 am
26 inch, 18 pound lobster. he says the giant didn't give up but a fight. he suffered several cuts from those razor sharp spines leaning the lobster's tail. the 18 pound lobster caught on monday is actually not even a record breaker, but he says he trophy prize. look at that thing. wonder how old it is. >> he got -- the catcher got cut a couple of times. >> uh-huh. >> he gets the last laugh. >> it's coming. >> here comes the butter. >> exactly. don't want to crack it. all right. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for the -- monday? >> monday. >> taking off for vacation. you don't care. sfwoo thanks very much for being here. >> honestly with the latest information all day long on nbc bay
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